Connor Allen


 “There was this one time where I was at Riverview Bible Camp. This was in august of this year. There was this vertical obstacle course they had there called the vertical playground, it’s like a full body workout if you get what I’m saying. Your goal is to climb to the top and ring the bell as fast as you can, or as well as you can, you just get to the top, that’s the goal, ring the bell. I was racing my good buddy Mark. He was a lot more burley than I was, or I considered him to be. Mark, great guy, married, I kinda look up to him a lot, so I was very happy that I tied with him, exactly two minutes. And I even made sure that he was giving it his all to get up there. And what I learned that day was that even when it hurts, even if you feel exhausted, even if life is so hard, you just gotta keep going, you gotta ring that bell man. [Even] with something that’s not physically demanding but mentally demanding like homework and stuff, you just gotta keep going, you gotta ring that bell.”