Hope Week at Ferris: May 6th – 10th

Hope Squad hosts its first Hope Week from May 6th – 10th to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.
Hope Week at Ferris: May 6th - 10th

          As the end of the year and finals approach, being aware of mental health is important, as stress at this time of year is common among many. Surface indicators of stress and mental health issues may be easily recognized, while the deeper mental health issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts or behavior are less noticeable, sometimes even invisible. Hope Squad hopes to change this. 

       This week, from the May 6th through the 10th, Ferris High School’s Hope Squad will be participating in Hope Week. Since this is the first year for Hope Squad at Ferris high school, this is also their Hope Week. The Ferris Hope Squad will be putting a lot of effort into Hope Week.

      “Hope Week is a week to bring awareness to our Hope Squad and other issues [students are] dealing with, [such as] suicide prevention, anti-bullying, stuff like that,” said Benson Laycock, a member of Hope Squad.

Benson Laycock takes a pause in Hope Week preparations to give a thumbs up. Hope Squad members can be identified by their T-shirts.

       According to Laycock, Hope Week is meant to raise awareness not just about the group and the help they try to provide, but also about suicide and bullying. They’ll be setting up decorations all around the school, everything from posters in the hallways to chalk drawings in victory plaza, to help raise awareness.  

       “I think Hope Week is absolutely important, because to have an entire week dedicated to spreading joy and encouraging people to live life is just so important, and I think it’s what our society needs today. And I think it’s just so impactful in so many ways,” said Hope Squad member Jane Heppler.

       Hope Squad believes that all students at Ferris High School should hear what they have to say. They want to make their school and community a better place for all. That’s what they hope to accomplish with Hope Week, as the group believes raising awareness is the first step to making the community better. 

       “Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program built around the power of connection.  We work with students, counselors, and administrators to help students in need,” said Ms. Cortner 

       Ms. Cortner, one of the Advisors for Hope Squad, truly believes that Hope Squad is making an impact on students’ lives at Ferris. All members of Hope Squad would like to emphasize that they are here for all.  Any student who is struggling is encouraged to check in at any classroom with a Hope Squad poster in the window and talk to the Hope Squad connected teacher, as they are there to help. During Hope Week, Hope Squad members can be identified by their T-shirts.

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