Ferris to close on January 17th, 18th, and 24th


With a somewhat back to normal winter break, families and friends got back together. However, this did not stop Covid-19 from mutating or spreading around the nation. Due to the outbreak, there have been staff and even sub shortages around the Spokane Public Schools district and around the nation.  

Some schools never returned from winter break and switched to online, others took temporary measures like closing for a day or two at a time.   

 “When we had to readjust our schedule, the factor there is really looking at our staffing. Do we actually have enough adults that are healthy and, you know, not in a Covid protocol that are able to keep our building safe and open,” said Ferris High Schools principal, John O’Dell.  

SPS schools will be closed on January 17th, 18th, and 24th to prevent further spread to students and staff. However, these days will be made up in March.  

“I think it is difficult sometimes being taken out of school, just knowing we have heavy workload being in high school. But I do kind of respect the fact that it’s out of safety and it’s protecting the students and teachers, so I understand that its necessary,” said ASB president at Ferris, Ashton Torres.  

Since the start of the Covid pandemic in March of 2020, students have had unusual schooling such as online learning or socially distanced learning. Online learning has received mixed reviews as a solution to the Covid problem.  

“I thought it was really detrimental to a lot of people missing out on the community and being together, but I also thought it was good that people got to work at their own pace,” said Alex Bray who is a math teacher at Ferris. “There was definitely a lot of positives in it, even though I definitely prefer being in person.” 

For now, Ferris will continue in-building learning, despite  a few days off to slow the virus.

“When we think about closing schools there’s a lot of things that play into that. And nobody wants to close schools, we want kids in school,” said FHS principal, John O’Dell.