Halloween Returns


Dani Cook

A red Jack O’ Lantern sits against a foggy Halloween nightscape

This Halloween was the first one to fully take place since 2019. Going into it, there wasn’t any way to tell how people would celebrate, if people would go out trick-or-treating, or to what extent COVID protocols would be observed. Now it is possible to look back on the holiday, and I asked the students of Ferris to do just that. 

The thing that the students were most excited to talk about was what they did to celebrate. 

Riis Coan said that he “hung out with his family,” and Noah Weidauer celebrated a day early by going “to a small hang out sesh party thing,” where he and his friends “watched a movie and had pizza and played apples to apples.”

Other students had smaller gatherings, and got creative with their celebrations.  Tyler Angell said, “To celebrate Halloween, I had a party with my girlfriend Raegan. We got dressed up as Barry B. Benson from The Bee Movie and the beautiful human woman that he falls in love with, and we took a photoshoot of that together. We carved pumpkins and we watched the first about ¾ of Chucky before I lost my cool and could not handle watching any further.”

And Sabrina Studebaker said, “I went trick or treating with my friends and we brought a little two-year-old with us, and she was dressed as a little dog nugget.”

Angell said, “We did get a lot of trick-or-treaters, I didn’t see too many because we left out a bowl at the front but yeah, our bowl was gone at the end.”

Other students saw fewer people out and about, such as Weidauer who said, “We got a couple trick or treaters. There weren’t a lot because our neighborhood is not that crowded, but also there actually seemed to be more than last year, even though there’s more COVID.” 

The response was overall positive when asked whether or not they thought people were following COVID protocols.  Coan said “Well, the one person that did come to our house, they were pretty respectful for COVID protocols, and I was happy with that. Generally, yeah, I think so.”

Studebaker said, “Pretty much everyone stayed within their groups, people didn’t really wear masks because they were with their friends outside.” 

Angell said that he thought people “did a good job” maintaining protocols.  

It seems as if students, and the Spokane community, were grateful for Halloween’s return.